Price parity

The car rental prices stated in our system must not be higher than in any other of the other company’s official sources (company’s website, social networks’ publications, advertising flyers etc.). However, prices can vary during special offers that are available for a limited time and a small number of cars. Discounts for the company’s loyal customers are also possible.

Why is this rule so important for us?

Consumer psychology is such that if, after using a service, customers learn that the price was higher than normally, they feel that they have been lied to. This leads to defamation of the agency through which the order has been made. Moreover, it also discredits all the agents that sell the services of their suppliers. Since the trust of our customers is our first priority, we have to always make sure that they are satisfied with everything we do for them.


Relevance of information

All the information in your personal account must always be relevant and accurate. It is your own responsibility. We do not make any changes in your company’s personal account without you knowing of it.

The system automatically confirms reservations on available dates only. So if a car is already booked or sent a car to a vehicle service station, indicate that in your personal account, to avoid double-booking – “overbooking”.

Car replacement policy

One of the main principles of our company says that the customer gets exactly what he/she has booked. We do not use SIPP codes. Our customers book not just a car of some type but a particular, specific vehicle which detailed description is provided to the customer on the booking page.

In case of force majeure (vehicle breakdown, accident, towing etc.) car rental company can:

  • refuse to execute the order by paying compensation to the customer (see below the compensation amount),
  • provide a customer with a car of the same or higher class with the same or better technical characteristics. Such a replacement is provided without changing the price and terms of the car rental.

In the case of car replacement or order cancellation a rental company is obliged to notify MyRentacar employees as soon as possible but not later than 42 hours before the car pick up time. Vehicle can only be replaced if the customer is notified in advance.

Order cancellation policy

A car rental company has the right to refuse executing a received order. However, in case of order cancellation the company is obliged to pay compensation fee to the customer. The compensation fee is paid through MyRentacar’s account and is transferred to the customers to the full extent.

Amount of the compensation fee:

  • The first cancellation within the last 60 days – 30 % of the rental cost,
  • The second cancellation within the last 60 days – 50 % of the rental cost,
  • The third cancellation in the last 60 days – 70% of the rental cost.

MyRentacar has the right to exclude a rental company from its sales system if it cancels too many orders.

In the case of car replacement a rental company is obliged to notify the MyRentacar’s employees as soon as possible but not later than 42 hours before the car pick up time.

Urgent orders

We book vehicles no later than 24 hours before the car pick up time. However, sometimes we get urgent orders which we coordinate with our providers by phone or mail.

Pricing policy

The level of MyRentacar’s fee for new reservations is determined by MyRentacar in its sole discretion and with the consent of rental company as percentage of reservation cost, which is set by rental company. The MyRentacar’s fee is deducted from monetary funds, which were paid during a creation of new reservation as advance payment (prepayment).

Reserved prices and conditions

After a customer books a car the price on the car rental, additional equipment and other services is recorded in the customer’s voucher and in the provider’s personal account.

Any subsequent price changes can not affect the customer. Customers must receive all services for a price stated at the time of booking.

Order cancellation policy for customers

Customers who make a reservation and an advance payment can cancel their orders or change them but no later than 7 days prior to the car pick up time. For the vehicles of “Luxury” and “SUV” types ­– no later than 30 days prior to the car pick up time.

In this case, the customer gets the whole advance payment back, and the order record is deleted from the system.

If the customer cancels the order after the deadline, a full advance payment goes to the rental company as compensation of this “burnt” reservation. MyRentacar, in this case, does not require any commission.